Import•Export Fruit & Vegetables

Import•Export Fruit & Vegetables

Import•Export Fruit & Vegetables

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Import & Export, Trusted quality

For the wholesale and retail sectors we export Dutch produce and import a complete range of fruit and vegetables from around the world, with the emphasis on European countries like Germany, Italy, Spain and France. In these countries, our extensive network of auctions, sales organisations and growers ensure reliability and quality. With so much experience and knowledge at our fingertips we are able to respond quickly to customers’ special requirements. Besides the conventional range we are also always on the look-out for specialities or novelties.

We export all over Europe and beyond. To make sure your orders run as smoothly as possible, our staff speak your language – including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

We deliver everything from mixed pallets to mixed shipments (up to as many as 150 items), from complete pallets of Dutch produce to complete shipments of imported products. You can also place your export documentation in our capable hands.

Our import and export logistics activities are based in Poeldijk in the Westland area of the Netherlands. Many of our products originate from growers and cooperatives located there, and many products for import and export are shipped via the nearby port of Rotterdam. In Poeldijk we work closely with a logistics partner who takes care of shipping, order picking and quality control. Our transhipment centre is both BRC and HACCP certified.

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