Import•Export Fruit & Vegetables

Import•Export Fruit & Vegetables


Our premium brands, Selected for you

Our own brands, Fino Fresco, Fresco del Sol and Classiq, specialise in consistently top quality products from the very best growers. Naturally, we also supply established names such as Turbana, Blue Whale, Pink Lady and Ruleta.

Classiq: Pure Dutch Quality

Dutch growers are known the world over for their innovative approach and their top quality fruit and vegetables. The Classiq label focuses on this typically Dutch produce, including vegetables such as iceberg lettuce and cauliflower and fruit such as strawberries, apples and pears. Our strict quality controls assure you of the very highest quality Dutch products.

Fino Fresco: Italian Food Art

Fino Fresco, our high-end fresh product range, is popular with hotel and restaurant suppliers, specialist greengrocers and retailers. This exclusive brand focuses on a wide range of Italian vegetable specialities such as lettuce varieties, along with more popular vegetables such as fennel, radicchio and rocket, with specialities including red chard, Bull’s Blood, tatsoi and semi-dried tomatoes. For more information visit

Fresco del sol: the best under the Spanish sun

Within this brand we supply products including lettuces and citrus fruits direct from selected producers in Spain. Because we are in daily contact with the growers, we can respond quickly, guaranteeing maximum freshness and availability.